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Business Uses for Products

While our web site was designed for anyone with a need to personalize products (trade shows, fund raisers, etc.), the products offered represent marketing concepts to help establish your identity, your market and help grow your business.

These products can be targeted in four directions:

1.  Advertising Specialties – Ad Specialties are products imprinted with a company name, address, logo (or message) and distributed “free” to customers, associates, friends, neighbors and relatives for the purpose of generating recognition or goodwill. 

Ad Specialties have five marketing benefits:

(a)    Target a particular market, region or customer base – Include business card magnet in direct Mailing.

(b)   Lasting durability of products – Key tag provided by Storage Company.

(c)    Creative Impact – Coloring book provided to children in doctor’s Office.

(d)   Ability to persuade – Name and phone number on a memo pad provides information for repeat business and referral contacts. 

(e)    Flexibility in application – Squeeze bottles at company picnic  subsequently taken home and used in family residence. 

For a selection of over 200 Advertising Specialty products see our catalog “Bus. Promotions”.

2.  Business Gifts – As a matter of general interest, nearly one-half of   
     Corporate America gives
business gifts.

     Gifts are usually given to customers, employees, clients and suppliers.  

Reason for Giving % Utilization
(a) Thank Customers  47 %
(b) Develop Business 32 %

Recognize Employee      Performance & Longevity

14 %
(d) Customers Expect Gifts   5 %

Examples of business gifts include golf accessories, food products, picture frames, pens and clocks.

3.  Incentives – Incentives are designed to encourage personnel to improve or maintain performance and to build team work and product innovation.

Incentive programs are used when a company desires to focus on:
(a) increasing sales, (b) improving customer service, (c) enhancing quality and productivity, and (d) safety awareness.

There are two types of incentive programs:

·        Open-ended – Anyone can win by improving performance over a quota or previous performance in a comparable period.

·        Closed Ended – Only top performers are eligible for a predetermined number of prizes.

The Recognition Award for obtaining a business goal expresses gratitude for performance and establishes a standard throughout the organization.  Personal and public recognition is often more important than the gift.  However, it is the gift which remains with the employee to symbolize and stimulate new efforts.

Typical incentives include products made from Lucite, crystal, acrylic, wood or marble.

4.  Premiums – Premiums are used to increase sales of the associated product and represent a form of a sales promotion.  The product given away is a bonus for the purchase of another product.  Premiums represent a form of a sales promotion.  Examples include the prize found in a box of Cracker Jacks or a gift basket given with the purchase of a new car.  

Premiums are also distributed to recipients who complete certain obligations such as sending in a coupon, box top or by visiting a participating business establishment.

Typical premiums include watches, desk accessories, cameras and radios.  

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