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We are a full service company providing assistance with artwork from concept and design to finished product.

  1. Artwork may include lettering and a logo design. There is no charge for one color artwork with lettering only.

  2. We can develop artwork with more than one-color or with a logo and the cost generally runs $25 to $50.

  3.  Artwork with more than one-color is called color separated. One sheet of camera-ready art is required for each color and each page must have registration marks.

  4.  Artwork must be forwarded as camera-ready. Camera-ready is artwork with: high black & white contrast; no grays; is crisp, sharp & needs no  touch-up. We reduce/enlarge your artwork at no charge to maximize the imprint area. For best results, we recommend that you send your art at two to three times larger than its imprint size and provided from a laser printer.

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